How to Prepare Your Bedroom for Winter Season

winter bedroom ideas

Soon it will be winter and people cannot stop thinking about how cold the weather will get for the next few months. Most people use this as an excuse to spend most of the time in bed so that they get warm. Doing so is alright. Since the bedroom will be your main room during winter period, it is necessary to take measures to ensure it is warm enough. As it is said that make hay while the sun shines one should prepare their bedroom before winter. Here is how to prepare your bedroom for the winter season.

Window insulation

The house loses heat through the windows. Insulating the bedroom windows is a great step to ensuring that the heat stays in the room. There are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to window insulators which include rubber seals, plastic seals or some may invest in heavy drapes. This will not only help one in retaining heat but saving on energy costs as well.

Piling up bedding layers

bedroomThe bed is one place that you will spend most of the winter time. One should ensure that it is prepared to serve this purpose. One should invest heavily in heavy blankets, faux fur, and even heavy comforters. For the bed sheets, one should switch from cotton to flannel so that they can be very comfortable when in bed. Cotton bed sheets tend to get cold when it is cold. If possible, one can invest in an electric blanket that will be used to warm you up. One will only need to warm it up before they get to bed.

Get rid of bare floors

The barer a floor is, the colder the room will be. To be warm and comfortable, the bedroom should be covered by rugs. All the areas should be covered including under the furniture and even the hallway leading to the bedroom. One should opt to use the fluffy rugs so that they can add that fluffy feeling to make you want to throw your toes in.

Taming cool temperatures

One should think of adding heating elements to their bedroom like the electric space heaters. The conventional heaters may also be used to warm the room since they spread the heat across the room much faster. It is easier to heat up one particular room to be very warm rather than heating up the entire house yet some rooms will rarely be used since your main focus will be staying in the bedroom.

Warming up the d├ęcor

The color schemes play a major role when it comes to bringing warmth. Color may create a warm ambiance and a welcoming atmosphere. One can paint the bedroom with hue colors such as gold, red and orange. The rugs and furniture in the bedroom should also have warm colors to enhance the warmth.

Fill up all the cracks

Cold may find its way into the house through the cracks. To help avoid this, all cracks ought to be filled up. This includes the cracks in the walls and even the window panes. One will need a bottle of caulk to help them in accomplishing this task.

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